Celebration Of Cinema

I am personally a movie lover.Yes, though I give more preference to my studies…I fill up my hectic schedule with movies.Cinema is the primary resource of refreshment for Indians… Especially, when our favorite star’s movie releases, then we cannot describe our joy in words…Cinema is that one place where a common man transforms into a star…This 24 frames art is absolutely a celebration for each and every artist and the movie lovers.

Art Of Film Making –

Movie making is one of the finest arts that is introduced in the mid 90’s. It is the concerned with handling each and every frame that is visualized. Various skilled men and technicians are involved in the process of film making. A film’s result depict the work of various craftsmen who put their complete effort in making a film.Behind every successful film there is the hand of various professional people who excel in their respective departments. Therefore, One cannot easily or vaguely utter that film making is an easy task. Of course, It is the hard work and dedication that plays a key role to succeed in any of the field.  Film making is the dream project of many youth of this generation… Mainly the youth who are addicted to watching movies aspire to become a film maker and wanted to see their names on the title cards…

Cinema- An Inspiration… An Aspiration…

When we get out of a movie hall after watching the movie…the first thing that we do is… start discussing about movie and sharing it’s review. Although it is a bad habit to spoil the eagerness and interest of people who haven’t watched the movie, still due to excitement we actively participate in the discussion. Few of them start praising the direction,the music,the acting etc… Many of them share their review through social media… Thereby increasing the curiosity of the audience…  There are few movies that inspire many people…They change the way of thinking of an individual in many ways and they make the individual to lead his life in an innovative way…Thus, good movie has a high influence on a person, whether it may be a movie of social cause or a movie of good content and message.          Many aspire to work in movie field in their interested department. They visualize their dreams and make them possible in reality. It is the passion that makes a difference and that matters a lot. Only passionate people strive hard and grab opportunity in some or the other way. Youngsters who are passionate towards film making, promote themselves in many ways…They start showcasing their talent in the form of videos and posters relating to fim making and upload them in the social websites. This is the initial stage of their passion that make them a professional people. Most of the youth show interest in acting and start acting in short films and give stage performances thus gaining huge craze and popularity…

Cinema Is Everything.

Most of the renowned and eminent film makers present in our generation think of only cinema. Their world is completely filled up with thoughts relating to film making…    “They eat Cinema  They drink Cinema “.   In the case of Tollywood (Telugu Film Industry), Cinema is the food and shelter to many people.. Each and every Telugu viewer will proudly say that “The Pride Of Indian Cinema” -Baahubali is originally a Telugu movie. This era would be honoured and glad to witness a film like Baahubali which created sensation across all the boundaries of world. We the movie lovers expect and hope more and more movies like Baahubali…

Indian audience not only show interest towards large scale movies but they also vote for concept oriented movies. A film with excellent dialogues, excellent story and screenplay and excellent casting will ultimately break the box office records.

“As long as there are movie viewers, there are movie makers and As long as there are movie makers, there are movie viewers…”

The final note is -Kill Piracy and Save  Cinema…





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