What happens online in 60 seconds-

Hello everyone welcome to Apexbyte. Today we are going to write an interesting article “what happens online in 60 seconds”. The answer to this will fascinate you, Let’s get into it.

Every day while I’m testing or watching videos on youtube or posting pictures on Instagram, I use to wonder how many people parallelly posting along with me and how those data centers are responding. So this is what happens online when we take a specific time of 60 seconds.

     **293k statuses are updated on Facebook.

     **433k tweets are tweeted on Twitter.

     **67k  photos are uploaded on Instagram.

     **15k songs are downloaded legally.

     **over 5m videos viewed on Youtube.

     **3.4k pins on Pinterest.

     **6,66m searches on Google.

     **1.8 posts on WordPress.

     **138.8m emails on Gmail.

     **25k items purchased on Amazon.

     **277k snaps on Snapchat.

     **88k calls on Skype.



Naveen Surampally

Naveen Surampally, The founder of Apexbyte is an passionate blogger and a computer security expert.

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