Intel X- Series

Intel Corporation has announced its X-series high-end processors at Computex 2017. The X-series processors are designed for the high-end performance of power users.The company has launched its X-series processors to compete with other new high-end microdevices available in the market.


There is a clear difference between the company’s mainstream desktop core series and its X-series of processors. Along with  i5 and i7 processors, Intel has released i9 processors with entirely new level performance.The processors are based on Skylane and kaby Architectures.

The Intel X-series Processors has come with 18-core and 36-thread CPU beast capable of Teraflop of  performance.The ultimate goal of the company to release this processor is to contribute for Virtual Reality , Gaming and content creation.The  company has decided the prices of quad-core Core i5-7740X sells for $339 while the 6-core i7-7800X sells for $389 and the eight-core i7-7820X sells for $599. The ten-core Core i9-7900X sells for $999.

Intel’s main goal is to provide tough competition for other brands with its new x-series and i9 processors.If you find this post interesting please do share it on social media .

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