Things to consider while buying a new laptop-

Many people keep asking me to suggest a laptop for them, I always say them that there is no clear answer to that question, But I will give them a checklist and let them decide what to buy. Today I this article I will tell about the parameters you need to look before you buy a laptop.

1.Screen size-

If portability is your main concern then you should prefer notebooks, Which has a small size and light weight. Look for laptops with a size range of 12.5-13.3 inches and weight ranges from 1-1.5 kilograms.

2.Screen quality-

You will be watching on the laptop for a long time, Don’t you think it’s important to know the display quality. Yes, it’s an important parameter to consider.Many Laptops are coming with touchscreen nowadays, Touchscreen laptops contain glossy screen that means they will lead to reflections. So, Avoid using touch screen until it’s mandated.

The second parameter to be considered is the resolution. A 1920×1080(aka full HD) is recommended if you want to keep things in view.

If you think viewing angles are important then prefer the laptop with IPS(In-plane switching) technology.

3. Cpu-

This the most important parameter to consider while buying a new laptop, Intel is the best company which give quality processors, Don’t go for any Intel Core processors as they were outdated, Prefer new versions of Intel like i3,i5,i7 and recent version Intel-x series i9.

To know more about Intel i9-ClickHereToRead

High-end CPU’s will give the great performance when comes to Multitasking, So, Prefer CPU with the latest version.


RAM is another important factor to consider, You need to have 4gb or higher RAM to get the maximum out of your laptop. More the RAM the faster will laptop run.


Storage is the main concern for many of us, So, Choose wisely the storage or else you will regret later. You can go for the hard drive or SSD(Solid-state drive). The main difference between Hard drive and SSD is the access speed. SSD’s are high in performance when compared to Hard disks. But the only problem with SSD’s is its storage capacity they will provide very less storage capacity when compared to Harddisks. If you are more worried about Performance not on space then go for SSD or else go for Hard drives with capacity more than 500 GB.

6.Battery life-

This is the thing which we worry the most, Look at the battery ratings on the respective company’s website. They will rate battery in terms of watt-hours(Wh) or milli-amp hours(mah), The more the value the higher the battery life.

7.USB 3.0-

Don’t ever buy a laptop which does not support USB 3.0, This is the new version of USB, If you don’t find a laptop with complete USB 3.0 ports then go for the laptop which contains at least one USB 3.0 port, This port will ensure you the fast transfer.






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