Multilevel Marketing Scams

Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing is one of the controversial methods of making money. In these ways, companies earn revenue from the non-salaried workforce.

These Multilevel Marketing organizations are targeting students for their operations.They motivate and train students to be part of their organizations.

They gather students in the name of marketing workshops and motivate them to be part of their marketing schemes.

They start sharing their Cock and Bull stories in a way that within next five years I will be a  millionaire with all the money. I have earned from these schemes.

But in reality,  99.9%  of people invested in these Multilevel Marketing Schemes will lose their money. Nowadays Restaurants and Bakeries are becoming offices of Multilevel Marketing companies. They motivate students to sell health products for easy money.

Student community should definitely oppose all such activities. If you like please do like and share it on social media.

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