Why you should not book any ticket online without deleting cookies–

I think once in a while everyone faced this situation, Firstly when you want to travel you search for the fare of your journey say it is some 5700 rupees and you were satisfied with that fare and want to book the ticket after a while.

When you come back and visit the website the prices are higher say 6200 rupess. Do you really think the prices of the plane changed in such a little time, The answer is No, By searching in the first place you have an intention to the company that you want to travel through that route, So the company has known that you want to tarvel through so they can hike their prices, But how does the provider know that information as we are killing the session and restarting it.

To know how this mechanism works firstly you should know about cookies

What is a cookie?

This cookie does not have anything to do with the cookies we eat,

A cookie is a small program created by server when we first access the website , The server places the cookie in the users browser and store the information regarding the session performed by the user. Cookie will not delete even when we abort the session.

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When we search for a flight in our browser the respective server will place a cookie in the users browser and store the information about the flight searches  and fare details. When we revisit the website and search for the same flight there will a slight increase in the prices as the server know about your intentions.

So,Whenever you want to book a ticket online better delete cookies from your browser.





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