How to hide your ip address in both pc and mobile–

Internet is growing drastically from the past few years, Users of internet has been growing in the same proportion,  But most of the people were not aware of the treats related to it. Internet not only used as an powerful tool to get information it is also used as a weapon to destroy persons and organizations. So, this is the time for us to stay awake and follow some cyber safe techniques.

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Whyshould we hide our ip address-

Everyone has there own reasons to hide Thier ip address , There is no compulsion to hide our ip address but we hide it for various reasons which include,

  • To hide our geographic location
  • To prevent web tracking
  • To avoid leaving digital footprint

There are various ways to hide our ip address some include-

1.Using a vpn proxy-

Vpn means a virtual private network and by using a trusted vpn will hide  your ip address

Some of the VPN proxy servers are-

  • Tunnel bear
  • OpenVPN
  • Hotspot shield
  • VPNbook
  • Ultra VPN
  • Cyber Ghost
  • TorVPN
  • Securitykiss
  • USA IP and etc

Web based proxy servers-

These are the websites which spoof our  IP address  all you need to do is to visit the list websites stated below and you will find a search bar inside these websites search from there instead of  your local search.

Some of the website proxy servers are-

  • Unlockmyweb
  • hidemyass
  • newipnow
  • kproxy
  • dontfilter
  • workingproxy

For Android mobiles-

  • Tunnel bear VPN
  • Hideman VPN
  • Betternet VPN

For iPhone devices-

  • VPN express
  • Spotflux
  • Subway VPN



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