Google Products and Services which are incredibly useful but not very famous

Google provides many products and services which are very unpopular but are incredibly useful. Here are some of these products and services which we find very useful.

Google Keep:

Need to remember to pick up some groceries? Set a location-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store. Need to finish a to-do? Set a time-based reminder to make sure you never miss a thing. Google Keep is a killer notes and reminder app that works across both desktops and smartphones.


Timer and Stopwatch:

You can use timer and stopwatch in your browsers by simply googling either “timer” or “stopwatch”.

Google Sky:

To help you explore the far reaches of our universe, Google has teamed up with astronomers at some of the largest observatories in the world to bring you a new view of the sky. Using Google Maps this tool provides an exciting way to browse and explore the universe. You can find the positions of the planets and constellations on the sky and even watch the birth of distant galaxies as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope.


Google Ngram Viewer:

The Google Ngram Viewer or Google Books Ngram Viewer is an online search engine that charts frequencies of any set of comma-delimited search strings using a yearly count of n-grams found in sources printed between 1500 and 2008 in Google’s text corpora in English, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, or Spanish; there are also some specialized English corpora, such as American English, British English, English Fiction, and English One Million; the 2009 version of most corpora is also available.

Google Translate:

Google translate can be used to translate texts from any language to any language. The Google Translate app for Android and iOS supports more than 90 languages and can translate 37 languages via photo, 32 via voice in “conversation mode”, and 27 via real-time video in “augmented reality mode”. 

Google Input Tools:

Google Input Tools lets you type in over 80 different languages without having to download a special keyboard.


Google Fonts:

Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography. All the fonts in our catalog are free and open source, making beautiful type accessible to anyone for any project. Google Fonts also takes care of all the licensing and hosting, ensuring that the latest and greatest version of any font is available to everyone.


Google Scholar:

Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Google Scholar makes it incredibly easy to search for information in professional journals and papers.


Google Arts & Culture:

Google Arts & Culture (formerly Google Art Project) is an online platform through which the public can access high-resolution images of artworks housed in the initiative’s partner museums.The platform enables users to virtually tour partner museums’ galleries, explore physical and contextual information about artworks, and compile their own virtual collection.


Google Trends:

Google Trends is a public web facility of Google Inc., based on Google Search, that shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages. Google Trends shows the most searched terms every day.


Google Express:

Google Express lets you get same-day delivery for food, electronics, books, and more. The service now covers about 90% of the United States.


Google Sound Search:

The Google Sound Search widget works like Shazam to help you identify songs you hear. It will also link you to buy each track in the Google Play Store.


Animal Sounds:

Google has a catalog of animal noises that you can easily find by typing in “animal sounds” or by typing in the name of a specific animal. Pro tip: Whip this one out while babysitting and it’ll keep kids entertained for a long time.


Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard — GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing — plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and send, right from your keyboard.


Google’s One Today app:

Google’s One Today app(non-profitable) makes it easy to decide between causes to donate to or finding a reputable charity.


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