Plastic rice spotted in Chennai chetipedu thandalam Sriperumbudur kanchipuram district

Oh my god!! These people did not leave even the basic need of people, We have seen many products including milk,sugar,grains were made less quality by mixing other products ,But there people in Chennai went way furthur and faked the rice with plastic rice.

Some students who were residing in cherish thandalam sriperumbudur of Kanchipuram district, living away from their homes bought rice from a shop near by, When they started cooking rice that felt in different smell. They were shocked when the rice was completed cooking, They found that the rice was made of plastic

Everyone was shocked on seeing this and wanted to talk with shop keeper, When they started taking about this event shop keeper resisted to talk regarding. And even warned students not to leak pictures and videos regarding this.

This is the thing that is happening around Chennai and many parts they were playing with people’s heath. Many are affected with this plastic rice.

Let’s hope our government will take necessary charges against these people who indulge in such an activities.





Naveen Surampally

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