Reasons why you should shift to Linux from windows

We come across many operating systems like Windows,Linux,Mac etc, but we choose the better one which makes our work easy .Now-a-days, many users are migrating to Linux from windows they were certain reasons behind that. As we observe usage of Linux has been increased to great extent . Let us know the reasons ………


Linux is an operating system derived from the Unix which an oldest operating system . It is an open source software and it is not owned by any company or any person . It is originated in 1991 as a personal project of Linus Torvalds .It is developed under GNU(General Public License) where the source code for linux is freely available to everyone.It is a multiuser, multitasking, multiprocessor and co-exists with other operating systems .

Reasons :

  • Open source : Linux is an opensource software where we can have a look at the source code of linux .
  • Linux doesnot have virus problems where as in windows we need to have an antivirus program to be installed to remove virus .
  • As linux is free we dont have any license headaches but they may ask for yearly subscriptions for the updates .
  • Linux is also extremely portable, it can also run off usb pen drives/portable hardrives/thumb drives and more.
  • Linux upgradation is very easy from one version to another version.
  • Linux has excellent package management tools .
  • Linux doesnot have any hidden API’s as windows has .
  • Ubuntu has its store where we can 1000’s of applications.
  • The networking in Linux is very faster and the browsers has an option to block the unwanted ad’s .
  • We do not find automatic updates it gives an alert message to update .
  • Linux doesnot need frequent re-installation .
  • Linux is perfect for programmers :It supports  all of the major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.).
  •  Linux would be the perfect solution for a privacy buff.
  • Linux has bundled Databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL which are extremely powerful and used in production environments .
  • Linux can scale to unlimited processors .

These are the main reasons why the users are switching to Linux operating system .



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