Can we charge our phone entire night–

This is one of the major queries we all have, Every night before going to bed  I used to charge my phone as this will charge to 100% when i wake up. Every time I charge my phone I always think about only one thing, Whether my phone battery capacity decrease? The answer to this question will be answered in this article.


Remember you are using a smartphone!!

The answer to this questions is yes!! we can charge our phone all night but this is not in all cases, Let me explain some of the do’s and don’t’s with our battery,

First thing you should know is the difference between Lithium and Nickel batteries,

Nickel (vs) Lithium-

The majority of today’s mobiles use lithium batteries but not Nickel batteries, Nickel batteries were used a long ago and they are based on cyclic memory.As they are using cyclic memory, If they don’t charge to full capacity at regular intervals they will forget the maximum capacity and the last charge point will be considered as the maximum capacity,

Many of you were not witnessed Nickel batteries as they were used in early 90’s. During early 2000’s Lithium batteries took away Nickel batteries.Lithium batteries didn’t suffer the memory phenomenon, So, They were considered more reliable than Nickel batteries.

Smartphones use Lithium batteries-

So, As smartphones are using Lithium batteries they don’t have this memory loss phenomenon. They can remember you maximum battery percentage charge, So, Charging a lot will not decrease your battery performance.

And your smartphone is smart enough to know how much charge to allow as it’s incoming.

so, You can charge your phone entire night this will have no effect on your battery lifetime.

Know about Microsoft’s Silverlight-





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