Know about Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin-

Microsoft Silverlight :

Silverlight is a browser plugin ,it is a platform for developing rich internet applications which runs on variety of operating system. The important part is that the Silverlight plug-in provides a richer environment than the traditional blend of HTML and JavaScript that powers ordinary web pages.

  • Silverlight is designed inside the web pages which provides the graphical services for vector graphics, animations and high definition vedio.
  • You can write in C#, or Visual Basic .NET, and use the.NET Framework class library
    features on the code that runs in the web browser.
  • The platforms that are supported by the Silverlight are Windows,Mac,Linux .
  • Browsers supported by the Silverlight are Internet explorer, firefox,  google chrome.
  •  Silverlight is a competitor product for the Adobe Macromedia Flash player and Apple QuickTime player.
  • Developers can also create Silverlight applications that run outside of the browser on your desktop.
  • By using this product, the designers are able to prepare media for encoding and distribution and to develop applications for windows phone.

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