Life Lessons – Those 3 Magical Words ?

Man is the only creature who identifies himself as a unique personality . This feeling of uniqueness is God’s gift .

The quality of being unique decides his position in the society . Man is a social animal and no one in this world is born for the sake of nothing . There is a strong reason behind every creation on this earth . Therefore,no one should take his/he life for granted . He/she should somehow perform their role before bidding goodbye to this planet.

Their work should be  in such a way that it should be remembered and said for ages.


Talent and skill are interrelated . Talent is the property that is possessed by everyone in whatever work they do and by immense practice and  hard work , talent changes into skill . Talent gives everyone an opportunity to showcase their capabilities and strengths . There are few barriers for showing off your talent like money,status,caste and creed.  You have to come across all these obstacles and overcome them with courage and determination.

In this era, there are uncountable ways to showcase your skill . Few skills are in-built in a person due to the abilities that they inherit from their  parents. This help  children to achieve their feat within less time . They are considered to be lucky enough to be born to such parents who are gifted with unique qualities and skills . There is a saying -“Boy born with a Silver spoon” which states that boy is born in a wealthy family and he is fortunate to be born in such a family. Similarly,according to me a boy born to talented parents is said -“Boy born to versatile humans”. It is the responsibility of the child to focus on his/her  interests after attaining a certain age . If any child starts practicing his/her abilities or strengths ,they are called as “Child Prodigies”, who later become an inspiration to many . Parents should initially identify their child’s interest and encourage them to reach a good position in that particular art or field .



India is one of the  country where people  follow beliefs and predictions . They follow what others do and implement but never try to take their own paths and decisions . This point can be clearly witnessed in our education system. India’s primary source of income is Agriculture . Therefore majority of the people opt agriculture as their profession . Mainly, the people of rural area have no other choice than Agriculture . Due to poverty or due to lack of basic education , they dedicate their entire life to farming and other rural services . They realize the effort and hard work that they put on the field and wanted their children to pursue higher education so that he/she may not survive in that harsh conditions . They put their blood , soul and sweat to see their children at a higher position . They never get disappointed , irrespective of the result they get . They only wish for a smile on their children’s  faces .  So, it is the duty of each and every student who belong to village background to fulfill their parent’s dreams . Everyone need not be good at studies . In that case , they should confront their parents and tell about their goal and ambition at the early stages and convince them . They have to pay more attention towards their goals . They have to somehow make their parents proud . The only dream of every Indian citizen is – ” To become the only reason for their parent’s happiness . ” On the other hand , people residing in urban areas get proper basic education and lead a systematic and strict life . As usually , they want their children also to lead the same life .

Boys/Girls grown up in urban areas will have a bundle of dreams and their goal changes when they step into teenage . They come to a conclusion and realize that ” This is what I want to be .” The reason for the drastic change in the goal setting is Society . Yes , youth of urban culture strongly get influenced by the social causes . Hence , they cannot come to a conclusion about their ambition very soon and keep pending their decision . This is the present scenario that every boy/girl is experiencing .

When they come to point of clarity about their future , parents refuse to accept their decision . Generally , majority of the parents wanted their children to pursue higher education irrespective of the child’s interest and wish to see their children to settle , possessing a good job in a reputed organization .

But , youth aspire for something else . Parents are not at all wrong in this case , as every parent wishes for a bright future of their child . Few parents understand their children’s aim and give ample of support to them to succeed in their own path .


Do what your parents suggest as they have given birth to you and it is your primary duty to fulfill their dreams .

After you have been settled in a good position , go for your dream . Inform to your parents about your future planning . This time they will definitely accept it and they feel happy for your way of expressing .

Now , it is your chance to chase for your dreams and achieve it .

Once , you achieve it and become successful , then take it for granted that you are the only human being on this planet who will be happy and joyful for the rest of your life .


There will be definitely a success mantra or motto that every successful person followed in the course of their success path . Build your success motto .


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