How Hackers takedown our passwords|| How to use a secure password–

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What is a password?how hackers get your password-

The password is a secret key which is used to prove our identity, Password is required for us to protect our sensitive data.We set up passwords for email accounts, Mobiles, and many other devices. The password is essential for anyone who wants to protect their identity.

Today in this digital life we will encounter many passwords for many accounts. Now here comes the problem, It is difficult to remember the passwords of all accounts and we do these following mistakes,

  • Using same passwords for all the accounts,
  • Noting down on a text note somewhere in your devices,
  • Using third party tools to store passwords,
  • Using a password with the real day names and things.

If you are among those people, you should change your habits immediately and follow the steps for making a secure password.

Methods Attackers use to get your password–

1.Wild guessing–

This is one of the major technique used by most of the attackers, They will develop combinations using your names and your personal information. Here arises the question how do attackers know my personal information?? This is simple you yourself exposing your personal details in the social media. What if this attack fails, then they go ahead with  dictionary attack

2.Bruteforce attack–

Brute force is an attack by which attackers put forth all the letters, numbers and special symbols and make combinations from it, After a while, they will get your password as one of the combination, Here comes the question, This attack will take longer time then this attack is not a reliable for attackers??  For a human attacker, it may take longer duration what if the attacker uses the supercomputer!! Then it takes a fraction of seconds to get your combination.

These are the two major attacks used by attackers which we can use a strong password and get over it, There are many attacks which come through your network and through Trojans, Keyloggers etc  We will discuss them in coming articles.

Tips for setting up a strong password–

  1. Use letters+alphabets+special symbols,
  2. Larger the password, Stronger it becomes,
  3. At least use 8 characters,
  4. Always keep password in your mind, Don’t write it anywhere,
  5. Avoid using your name and other personal details in your passwords,
  6. Never ever use your mobile number as your password,
  7. Never share your password,
  8. Change your password at the regular intervals,
  9. Use two-factor authentication for your email,
  10. Never use services like remember me or keep me logged in,

If you follow these tips you are safe from the above two attacks,

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