Jio data leaked, email ids and Information of millions of jio users are in stake–

When we are continuously talking about cyber threats to our country, A big news is out today regarding Jio data leak

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This should be called as the biggest leak in the telecom industry in our country, Where millions of Jio users details were leaked on the web. These details were available on a website called until yesterday eve, This website contains the name of the customer, When the number os activated, And which ID it is activated and what is the email linked with it, It has been estimated that nearly 120 million users were affected by this leak.

Aadhar numbers linked to these accounts were not leaked that’s the good news, The leakage news was surfed on the internet from the last day as some people started discussing it via Twitter.

The website magicapk was drawn a massive traffic on Sunday and some users got the information and some didn’t, By the midnight the website was completely down and the reason behind that may be

  • Jio officials may shut it down.
  • may be taken down by service providers,
  • It way be offline as it exhausted the bandwidth.

The website looks like this-

This gives all information except the aadhar number


If we open the website now, It shows the following,

When Jio encountered this data leak, Jio officials denied the leak, Officials stated “We have come across the unverified claims of the website and we are investigating it”

Hope this investigation brings the facts and the Jio officials should ensure the privacy of its user.





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