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Hello!! What’s going on with all of you, In the previous article we went through the analogy of passwords and how to secure them and how attackers get your passwords

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Today in this article we will get to know about how to secure of social life and how attacker’s hack into our Social Networks, Social networking is the major breakthrough for 21st century, Social networking enables us to connect with different people around the globe, Yeah this is a revolution, Companies such as Facebook,Whatsapp brought the world together. This is the positive side when we talk about another side of the coin. Many crimes happen due to Social networking and many are cheated and much more. So, We have a need to know about how to secure our social network. Let’s get into it.

Social network allows users to make new contacts and find people with similar interests and ideology, We can share everything with our friends, colleagues in one go, But the question here is how they use your personal info,Some companies use your information to advertise , Whenever you search or like something, The advertisers will pop of you with the same ads

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Third party software’s  use your information to incorporate and personalize their products, And Identity thieves obtain and make patterns and steal your identity, Other online criminals even use your information to steal sensitive information like credit cards and so.

Tips to secure your Social Networks

  • Use strong passwords,
  • Use separate email other than your primary mail,
  • Use security questions which others may not guess,
  • Review privacy policy for new accounts,
  • Use Antispyware for your browser,
  • Configure privacy settings to maximum,
  • Don’t click on links without verifying,
  • Be careful with popups,
  • Delete cookies everytime you leave websites,

Follow these steps and secure your social networking, Thanks for reading share with your friends using social icons given below.



Naveen Surampally

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