WhatsApp’s new update allows you to share any kind of files including Apk–

WhatsApp always come up with some crazy stuff, Since from its inception WhatsApp always give priority to incorporate new updates.Many feature like video calling,audio calling ,status updates were already incorporated.

This time they went into next level, After a vigorous testing, They cameup with filesharing through whatsapp. Till date only video and audio files were allowed in this update they facilitated to share all kinds of files including Apk,.exe and many more.


To use this, Update your WhatsApp to latest version, and

  • Open the contact for whom you want to share the file with,
  • Tap the attachment button,
  • Tap on Document,
  • Tap browse other document,
  • Select the file,allow it to upload,
  • Now tap send .

This feature now available only on Android and iOS and coming soon on other devices, This even works for WhatsApp web.

This feature comes with a upload limit of 64mb and hope this will improve later.

You can change font without anycodes–

Till date, If you want to change fonts in WhatsApp we should use come codes, From this updates if you long press on the text you can choose fonts.




Naveen Surampally

Naveen Surampally, The founder of Apexbyte is an passionate blogger and a computer security expert.

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