Know about Sangareddy jail which will provide you Prisoner experience for ₹500–

Whenever we watch Prison scenes in movies, We always want to know about the life in prison, First of its kind in India Sangareddy prison is providing a prison museum which will allow you to stay in the prison for one day by paying ₹500.

They named this as the  “Feel the jail” program, This jail in Sangareddy is built 220 years ago by Salarjung-1, After it is used by Britishers  and it was under service until 2012, And after the new jail was built this was converted into a Museum, This jail is attracting many tourists across the globe.

Life in this jail will be the same as the rules following by prisoners department and no privileges were given to anyone.

How this life starts–

  • Prerequisites for this adventure is the medical certificate.
  • We should pay ₹500 for a day and if we want discontinue we should pay extra ₹500 as fine.
  • We should handover our belongings such as mobiles and all accessories
  • We should wear jail uniform given by them.
  • We are given a steel plate, a glass and  two soaps.

We were not given any special previlages and we have to live there in the same way actual prisoners live and eat the same food they eat.

Schedule in the jail–

We will be alone and we were given seperate cells for each ,There will not be any bed we should sleep on the floor.In the morninga we were given some works which was given to actual prisoners

Here are the food timings—

If you want to make some adventures, A must visit place which is 25 km from Patancheru.





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