What happens if we delete system32???

In windows system32 directory is located either at C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\system32 . This folder contains core operating system files and software program files .The most common type of files found in this directory are executable file(.exe) and dynamic link library(.DLL).

Mostly, Microsoft windows gives system32 error messages because all the files are stored in it if any file is missing in that it gives that error.

Now let us know what happens if we delete system32 ??

If you attempt to delete system32 it gives an error  message from windows which states that  you do not have required permissions. Other methods of deleting the folder exist by creating .bat file with notepad that forces to delete the file.

Without system32 ,windows is not able to function.In such a case your computer may crash or runs very slow.To restore its functionality you need to install system repair with windows then in this processes it reinstall the system32 to its position.

Some believe that if we delete system32 ,it will perform faster but it was only a myth ,if we delete that windows doesnot work at all

Final word: Do not delete the system32 .



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