Know the exact difference between update and upgrade–

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Apexbyte, Today in this article I will clarify one of the most confusing terms you will encounter almost everyday in your life.

Update and Upgrade are the two terms which you encounter every day and then, But many of us have a misconception that both refer to the same, But there is a lot of difference, So guys let’s get into it.

Both refers to bringing changes into your system, But the major difference lies on number of modifications made,

What is update actually??

Update is the one which changes the core structure, so many changes like security updates, patches, bug fixers  were put in updates, Generally updates were small in size and takes a few minutes to make changes.

What is an upgrade actually??

Change in versions of software systems can be termed as upgrade, During this entire software systems changes, Here entire UI can change, Upgrade is larger in size and take some time to make changes into your system.

For example,

We receive many patches and bug fixers everyday, They were called updates

When we change our versions like from windows10 to windows10.1 this can be called as Upgrade.




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