What is the difference between Internet and WWW–

We are the massive users of internet, We are addicted to internet in such a way that we cannot live without it, We all have an illusion that www(world wide web ) and Internet are the same, Is it??we will know the answer in this article.

Whatever you are doing like watching videos on YouTube,Browsing websites and chatting online, You are doing it on Web not on Internet, Internet is just a connection of routers and servers around the globe, While the Web refers to the software that is running on the Internet it does not have any physical form. Web access different websites using many protocols.

WWW can be considered as the space where the websites are identified by URL(unique resource locator), We can define web as one of the way to exchange information in Internet.

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We cannot directly reach out to web, So we use search engines, There is a web which is not accessible to search engines called dark web




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