Adobe is going to kill Flash player by 2020–

Hello all!! Welcome to Apexbyte, These days we are witnessing many changes in the software applications, The application which we used once now became lagacy softwares,

Recently Microsoft stooped it’s support for Ms paint, Now Adobe walking in the same way Adobe is going to kill Flash player by the end of 2020

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Flash player is an web based player which is used to display multimedia, This was widely used by many websites, But the wide development of HTML5 pushed flash player back, Adobe gave an official info that they will kill Flash player by the end of 2020. Many browsers don’t automatically support flash based media,They need support of some multimedia applications, Google gave it’s report that only 17% of internet using flash player which was above 80% 4 years back.

Many tech giants YouTube,Google,Apple, Microsoft we’re planning to replace flash with some other technology by 2020.



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