What is dark web? Everything you should know—

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Apexbyte, Today we are back with some interesting stuff we always hear and never witnessed ie, Darkweb and deep web. In this series of articles i will take you through basics of darkweb and how to manage and access it.

The term darkweb refers to highly encrypted sites which are not accessible to algorithms of a normal browser and should be accessed using some special browsers.These websites contain the information of hacked data around globe and often used as black market.

What is Darkweb exactly-




Darkweb cannot be accessed through normal browsers, Without  special softwares we don’t even know that they exist. Darkweb can be used in both positive and negative ways, Some use them as a way to keep their privacy when they don’t want to expose their identity, Some use them in illegal way by promoting Porn,drugs and many more.

Darkweb vs Deepweb-

Many of us had an illusion that both the terms refer to same sense, Sometimes they are even used interchangeably but there is a major difference between them,

Deepweb refers to part of web which is not accessible to normal users and cannot be indexed by a normal browser

What deepweb consists–

Deepweb consists of information regarding the internal data of websites and parts of websites for which you need access to reach,Almost every website online consists of some data in the deep web,

Coming to darkweb, Darkweb is some part of deepweb which is used for special purpose, Many blackmarts exist in the darkweb.

The normal websites we visit everyday and the dark websites you don’t know exist in the world wide web(www) but their indexing will be different.

Know the difference between www and Internet-

Many search engines like Google, Bing don’t index dark websites due to many reasons and legal policies, This is the reason why we cannot open our browser and search for dark websites, Our search engines only index normal websites.

Everything you should know about darkweb–

Darkweb existed from the time web came into action, But this term became very popular from 2014 as some darkwebsites were taken down by government officials, Darkweb is not illegal to access but the thing that matters is what you are gonna do in the darkweb, Some dark websites gives you access to some illegal thinks such as human trafficking, Pornography, drug deals. We should stay away from such websites and interactions with such individuals,So, you can access darkweb but make sure what you want to access from it.

How to get started to access the darkweb-

As i told earlier we cannot access darkweb using normal browsers and we need some special software’s. One of the best of its kind is TOR browser, You should download and install tor before you begin

Click here to download Tor browser

This software will encrypt your incoming connections and the connections to the dark websites you may visit, It also decrypt the data you needed from those websites, Remember to update tor every time you use.

Be careful while visiting darkweb, You it in a right way.

This article is just for educational purpose and not to encourage anyone to use darkweb



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