New features at update of Libra Office 5.4

Libra Office is free and powerful open source office suite.Its native file format is an open standard format that is being adopted by governments worldwide as a required file format for publishing and accepting document. Libra Office includes the components like write, calc, impress, draw, base, math.

Advantages of Libra Office :

  • Open Source
  • Extensive language support
  • Components are well integrated with one another
  • Consistent user interface
  • File compatibility
  • No payment fee for license
  • Granularity

Highlights of Libra Office 5.4 :

  • File compatibility has been improved with support for EMF vector images.
  • A new color palatte has been included.
  • LibraOffice supports OpenPGP keys in signing ODF documents on LINUX.
  • Imported PDF files are rendered with much better quality, also when inserted into a document, while exported PDF files – from Writer and Impress – support embedded videos.
  • In write, it has provided to import Auto Text from Microsoft word DOTM templates.
  • The full structure of exporting or pasting numbered and bullet lists as plaintext is preserved.
  • You can create a custom watermarks for your document in format menu.
  • New context menu items has been added.


  • Calc now includes support of pivot charts, which uses the data from pivot tables.
  • Comments are easy to manage with the help of commands to show,hide,delete.
  • You can now easily change the priority of the rules while applying conditional formatting to cells.
  • Extra sheet protection options has been added.


  • When you are duplicating any object,now you can specify the fractional angles.


  • LibraOffice online has improved as well, performance is better.It added read-only mode.




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