YouTube now gives it’s hidden dark mode for all it’s users–

Hello everyone!! welcome to Apexbyte. Today we are here with an interesting feature in YouTube that is it’s hidden dark theme.

YouTube now became more cooler than before, YouTube reveals its dark theme for all it’s users, Recently a research team stated that YouTube is the best way to make advertising for any organization as YouTube videos are reaching more people than any of the medium.

YouTube now released it’s dark theme for all the users who access YouTube through systems, This theme is browser specific and changes with revert when we shift browsers, This theme is now available only for desktop users and soon will be for mobile users.

YouTube designed it’s dark mode to help users to watch videos even in different climatic conditions effectively.

To activate dark theme in your browser follow these steps–

1.Click on the account icon on the extreme right

2.Now in the dropdown menu select activate dark mode

3.Now you can enjoy your dark theme

4.To deactivate follow the same procedure-




Naveen Surampally

Naveen Surampally, The founder of Apexbyte is an passionate blogger and a computer security expert.

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