Everything is fake!! Harshith did not bang a job at google-

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Apexbyte, Today we are with an interesting and insane trending news.

There is a viral news that’s trending from past two days that Harshith a 12th standard student banged a job at Google with a high package of 1.44c per annum, This went viral in social media and everyone praised him and congradulated him, This statement became strong when his principal arranged a press meet and officially confirmed this, This news went viral in social media and Google itself.

Google today stated that they did not offer job to anyone named Harshith, Also added “We never respond to such a things,But this went viral in Google which made us to respond”

What happened actually–

Harshith a 12 standard student from Chandigarh met his principal one evening and showed him a WhatsApp message that he was offered a job by Google with a package of 1.4c per annum, The principal was very happy and he wanted this news to be in media Nd he arranged a press meet and then this went viral and today Google responded to this and gave a clarification regarding this.

This made people to go out of their mind, Everything shocked after this Google’s response.

Here everything is a prank played by a 16 year guy with his principal, The most interesting thing here is Harshith is neither responding to mails nor calls.




Naveen Surampally

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