Does your phone charge faster if you use a USB 3.0 cable??

Everytime when I charge my phone I usually get confused about these cables some support USB3.0 some don’t the same for USB ports. I found some difference in charging capability when I use different ports, So i want to write this article on whether changing ports show any effect on charging. So guys let’s get into it.

Can we charge our phone entire night–

Now coming to the difference between power capacities of USB 3.0 and it’s fewer editions, The only thing that differ is it’s input power system. USB 3.0 can give power input of 90 while USB 2.0 can give power input of 50.

Charging your phone through wall charger is most recommend because they provide you the exact input you needed, This does not necessarily say that you cannot charge your phone using your laptops USB cable, You can but find the best input, If your USB port gives you more input than required ignore such.

Now the answer to this question is dependent on your device rather than your Laptops, USB cable also make a large difference, If you use an USB 3.0 port you should use 3.0 cable to charge faster.




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