New Windows in Town–Everything you should know about Windows 10 S–

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to Apexbyte. There is a new Windows in town. Microsoft now unveils its new operating system and named it as ‘Windows 10 S‘. Microsoft attempted this new operating system due to increasing competition from its major opponent Google. Windows 10 S mostly sounds like Windows 10 but they are two different kinds.

Back in 2015 on July 29th Microsoft officially released windows 10 which is completely free edition in Microsoft Operating Systems line up, it has also released an anniversary update in 2016.

In 2017 Microsoft launched its new operating system named as Windows 10 S . This wants to compete with popular Google chrome OS.


Privacy and security are two things most of them are concerned about. Well, in Windows 10 S you don’t need to worry about them anymore. Microsoft has increased its security in its new OS. Windows 10 S comes with Microsoft bit locker encryption system for securing files.


Microsoft has yet to reveal what Windows 10 S stands for, we think Speed would be good or Security will do too. Windows 10 S is also said to boot in just 15 seconds. Both the Windows 10 and windows 10 s are built on the same core, but windows 10 s is light weight when compared to its predecessor and can easily run on small hardware configuration.

What’s the difference between Windows 10 s and Windows 10:

The major difference is 10 S can only run applications which are downloaded from windows store. Which makes it much more secure than ever. Other versions of Windows 10 have the option to install applications from third-party sites and stores but in 10 s Microsoft chose to remove that option.

Apps that Windows 10 S won’t be able to run: 

Any apps which are not available in the Windows Store cannot be installed or run in Windows 10 S. Apps like Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Chrome browser and the full versions of Adobe’s Acrobat, or anything else that’s installed via the traditional Windows 7 or earlier windows.

Battery life :

Windows 10 S will be able to deliver significantly better battery life than Windows 10 and earlier versions of windows. In the real world scenario Google’s Chrome OS delivers up to 10 hrs of time and Windows 10 S will need to prove it can do significantly better than its competitors.

Windows 10 pro features:

Windows 10 S has built from the core of windows 10 pro, not from windows 10 home.Microsoft has yet to provide a list of bundled Pro functionality in Windows 10 S, but 10 S will get Pro features like Azure Active Directory (AD), Mobile Device Management (MDM), business editions of Windows Update and Windows Store, BitLocker and enterprise roaming. These sound pretty good.


Of course, you could see this coming from a mile away. Microsoft will bing its official search engine and you will not be able to change it.

Cost of windows10 s:

PCs or Laptops running Windows 10 S will be available from a variety of Microsoft’s PC-making partners. With Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung and Toshiba starting at $189 in the US.

All schools currently running Windows 10 Pro PCs will get Windows 10 S for free and it includes Office 365 Education.

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