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Hello Everyone!! Welcome to Apexbyte, Over the last week, You might have seen a app called Sarahah slowing making its way to Social media. This App actually launched a few months ago and it is growing rapidly in western countries. From a few days this App became viral in India. What is this App meant to be and how to use it?? These are some questions that will arise in your mind and in this post we will answer this. So, Guys let’s get started.

Sarahah app developers described this App as a platform to know about one self through Anonymous sources, This app is so much fun and let’s know how this App works

How it Actually work–

The idea is simple you create a profile in Sarahah. We can create a profile even without logging in, Once the receiver opens your link and give feedback your inbox rings, You can star,flag,delete and reply your feedback’s. If you are fine you can also reveal yourself by logging in.

This App became so popular in terms of usage but when coming to rating, This App put us in a position not to decide. This App got 10,305 5 star rating in Google play and 9,652 1 star ratings. So, It’s difficult to decide by merely looking at ratings.

Why this variation in rating-

There are five star rating as well as many one star ratings, Why this fluctuation?? The people who gave five star rating are in perception that anonymity will allow users to talk and express freely and the people who gave one star are in perception that some may feel hurtful and this is not recommended for weak heated people.

Privacy policies–

  • You can remove your profile from search results if you don’t want to go public.
  • You can also block some users if you feel uncomfortable.
  • This App focuses on Messaging rather than social media, You will find nothing when you visit others profile.

This App available for both Android and Ios  for free

Download here-

Android–Click here

Ios–Click here





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