Interview tips for freshers

Hello everyone!! Students join in college with a lot of expectations about their career.The ultimate goal of studying hard is to get a job by the end of their graduation/post graduation.But, the intelligent students fails in interview rounds.This article helps those students by providing some interview tips.

Basic Tips :

>Know about company :

Before you attend any interview know full details about the company.Know about the company history and its present status .By knowing about the company it boosts up your confidence levels.

>Resume :

Resume plays a main role to get a job. Your resume should be according to job profile of the company. Your strengths should be highlighted in it and everything you mention should be true ,do not mention any false statements to impress interviewer.

>Arrive early :

Don’t be late for an interview, no one waits for you .If you arrive early to an interview you can relax yourself to the atmosphere around.Here your punctuality also comes under consideration.

>Dress like a business person :

Your dressing sense represents  the society you belong to.Always wear a formal shirt where it  impress the interviewer.The dress sense should be in professional.

>Address the interviewer politely :

It is always polite to refer to the interviewer as Sir or Madam.Do not use the terms baby,girl,honey,dude etc.

>Keep eye contact :

Maintain eye contact with interviewer,it shows your confidence and honesty.

>Be prepared with questions for the interviewer :

Most interviewers gives you chance to ask the questions.Use this opportunity to clear any doubts that you have.

>Be loud enough and clear :

Interviewer should be clear with your voice.Avoid talking too loud or too low, don’t be too fast while speaking .You should convey your words in a clear manner.

>Be confident :

Be prepared for the interview where it gives you more confidence.If you do not know answer to any of the question you say I don’t know.Answer them in a confident way.Some interviewers select the candidates by seeing their confidence levels.Make sure you should be more confident.


These were some of the tips which helps you to some extent to crack the interview.






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