Know about “The Blue Whale Challenge” which is terrorising teenagers around the globe–

The Blue Whale challenge is a  challenge-based game where  every player or user is assigned a challenge for a period of 50 days.

Every user or player is assigned a task for each day and they should complete the task and should send the photographic evidence to the administrator. The challenges assigned to players are dangerous, some of the challenges include running across the streets in heavy traffic, carving whales on a human body, and finally suicide on 5oth day of the day.

The Administrator of the game will threaten the participants that they will cause harm to their loved ones if they fail to do the assigned task. The real problems with the Blue Whale challenge are teen suicides in different countries across the world.

130 Teenagers has committed suicides according to a survey report in the year 2016.In India, the Blue Whale challenge came into the picture with a suicide of a teenager in Mumbai. Later on, many  Blue Whale challenge issues have been elevated in different cities across India.

The Maharastra State Government finally decided to ban  Blue Whale challenge. The remedies to eradicate this challenge is, Parents and Teachers should carefully observe the behaviour of teenagers and should guide them in a proper way.They should carefully monitor teenagers activity on social media platforms.Research has shown that violent video games, mature -rated videos engage teenagers in the wide range of antisocial activities such as Smoking, Alcohol Use, and Risky Driving.

We at APEXBYTE are requesting each and every teenager in the world  “Please don’t be part of such challenges which ruin life’s of people ”

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