Is there any chance to know message identity in sarahah? Know here–

Hello everyone!! Welcome to Apexbyte. There is an app which is trending worldwide and the name of the app is Sarahah. No one needs introduction to this app. Want to know more about the app read here–

Here now arise a new question, Is Sarahah secure? Answer for this is pretty simple Sarahah is secure. The second question that arises is, Can we know the identity of the person who gave us the feedback? Answer to this question will be answered in this article. So guys let’s get into this.

Sarahah is making people go crazy, This is the most downloaded app from both play store and app store in recent days. Sarahah actually mean “Honesty” in Arabic, And this is the buzz among netizens.

Recently Sarahah app creator have an hint that they will reveal the senders name.

According to India today, Zainalabdin the creator of sarahah told that they will reveal the senders identity if required. this will happen only if the person don’t follow certain guidelines of the app.Creator of sarahah  Zainalabdin gave this shocking comments when the App got into some cyber bullying things. So, Now if you want the information of some one who gave you unethical comments you can. But only if the person is against terms of sarahah app.




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