Workshop on Arduino!!! Learn more here

Hello everyone we are glad to invite you to our workshop based  on Arduino. The name of the workshop is Ardotryst, which means a relationship between the arduino and the interfacer. As everyone know that arduino is developing field for the projects in realtime, we are training college students to work on it. Almost the complete workshop is handon so the student will be able work on it. A team of 4 0r 5 students are allowed, so you can compete with the teams and compete here. You will be provided with the kit for working. There are no conditions to join any department student can join. Ideas are been created and developed here. This workshop is conducted in Saveetha Engineering College on an event of DRESTEIN, which is a techincal fest[26-9-17 and 27-9-17]. So we hope that you may learn here and develop new creative projects at the end of workshop. The details and the banner for the workshop is attached so you can download and have a look. Students are requested to register in the link . As there are limited seats so grab the chance to learn arduino.

Details about workshop <— Download



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