How it would be the future of Artificial Intelligence???

Hello friends!! Today in this article we are going to know about Artificial Intelligence importance and future of it.Let us first know about what actually artificial intelligence mean …..

Artificial Intelligence :

John McCarthy — father of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is that making a computer, a computer controlled robot or a software think intelligently as a human thinks.In a simple words AI is building a machine which can think.

Artificial intelligence is used in computer games,military,robotics,hospitals etc.Using artificial intelligence the first game which was introduced is “chess”.5th generation computers are  known as artificial intelligence.

Future of Artificial intelligence :

Some researchers has revealed the profound changes coming to our lives.They were said as below :

  • Robots will keeps us safer,especially from disasters.
  • AI will turn us into super humans.
  • AI could solve our problems including climate change.
  • AI might even save the world.
  • It will help to open new worlds to explore.
  • Robots may become our best buddies.
  • It improves the medical treatment.
  • It provide internet access to everyone.
  • These impacts will revolutionize how we live and work.
  • There was a downside with AI i.e., they take over our jobs.



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