Lock Your Ideas!

We all have one common disorder…The Art Of Forgetting…Yes, Of course that is an inbuilt defect that everyone possess. But, it’s effect may affect us for a long time.

“An Idle Man’s Brain is Devil’s Workshop” I may modify this and state “An Idle Man’s Brain is a Creative Hub” You can replace the word “Creative” with “Innovative” or “Intellectual” . These all mean the same (or) They have a similar description.

As I say every time , everybody on this earth is unique and the difference lies in how they utilize their unique abilities. Here, innovation plays a  very important role. It is the creative side of a human which makes him special in his art or interest. Hence , great people think a lot before doing or committing any job or activity because they knew the Hard work behind their success. Great people did not become great simply or easily. The ability of thinking unique makes an eminent personality.

Each and every art or field of interest has hidden solutions to a particular problem .The solution is hidden because it depends on how a person extends his thinking capacity to find a best solution. Therefore , Deep thinking is a necessary base to any complex problem.

As mentioned earlier, you go into a phase of deep thinking either when you face an obstacle or when you are idle. The first situation has limited number of options ( It Depends on the size of the problem ) but the second situation has unlimited options because you can do anything what you are willing to do but you have to be careful before taking a decision. For this, you have to undergo a series of decisions.(Whether my decision is right or wrong.) Here, Decision Making plays a key role.

The art of thinking is both voluntary and involuntary . Good thoughts involuntarily strike our mind but we voluntarily think of Bad ideas. This practice need to be changed. Cultivate good thoughts and ideas and jot those on a piece of paper. This may never cost you a lot but will transform you to a most valuable human. Saying a bad word or thought takes less than a minute but saying and implementing a good idea takes more time which cannot be measured sometimes… We are living in the world where we think of Bad more than good. We have to filter good thoughts out of bad ones . We don’t need to implement them because we may end on a self-satisfactory note for thinking of few good thoughts.

I cannot conclude my note because thinking is a never ending process… Somehow start thinking good ideas and do whatever you want to do to cultivate good ideas because your homework pays you off in the future. Once… everyone starts thinking of something or the other that is valuable…then each and every human being on this planet is unique and we can compare each and everyone on the basis of their level of uniqueness .

P.S:” Even this content came out of thinking . An Idea may not change someone’s life but it may definitely bring hope in someone’s life”






"Be Innovative Think Innovative Live Innovative "

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