“I use Android but not iPhone” says BillGates || Know why–

Yeah!! This is weird but true, BillGates use Android device for his personal and office purpose.

It is universal fact that Microsoft failed in mobile development, Recently Microsoft rejected many mobile developers, In such a crisis everyone at Microsoft was shocked to hear that their boss was using Android rather than Windows mobile.

In an recent interview with Fox news, Billgates stated that he switched to Android device. He also said that he installed many Microsoft apps in Android and wanted to make all Microsoft apps to run smoothly in both Android and iOS.

Further when asked if he ever used a iPhone?? He answered No, And also stated that he banned iPhone and iPad for his family in the past.

can anyone guess the phone BillGates using?? let us know in the comment box.




Naveen Surampally

Naveen Surampally, The founder of Apexbyte is an passionate blogger and a computer security expert.

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