how does Torrents work|| Know about peer to peer networks– 

                This is one of the common question for all the people who use torrents, In the same way like VPN Torrents also got a illusion that they were only used by illegal people to download pirated software, Torrents isn’t all about downloading pirates, It is a decentralized protocol which is used above many different protocols.
             Torrent consumes 12% of total internet traffic worldwide, So Torrent censorship is the major deal for our government and government keep on blocking those websites.

How Torrent works–

            Firstly we talk about how web traffic works, Whenever you want to download a web page your computer connects to the we server directly and download the web page this is a traditional server-client network. But torrent don’t use this network but uses a special kind of network where there is no server-client architecture called Peer to peer network, In this one machine will acts as both client and server. How it is possible?? Lets check it out.
Downloading torrents don’t need any central server, Data will be downloaded and uploaded by group of computers simultaneously.

How it works??

         Whenever you joins a Torrent by loading a .torrent file into torrent software(Client), It connects you to a Tracker specified in the torrent file. Tracker is a special server that keeps track of the connected  computers. So when you are downloading a specific files from torrent that means you are a part of the group of people who are related to that torrent just like you. Tracker shares the Ip addresses with one another in the group allowing them to connect each other.
                   Once connected Client starts downloading the data small pieces till the entire file gets downloaded.
               When a small amount of data is downloaded simultaneously same data is uploaded to others clients in the group, In the same way all the members of group help each other in downloading the file.More the clients in the group faster the torrent will be.

Who are Leechers and Seeders??

Users downloading from a torrent is refereed as Leechers or peers. Users remain connected to the group even after the complete download is done as to ensure that other group members use his upload bandwidth to complete their downloads, Such people were called as seeders.
          For a torrent to be downloadable,  One seeder who has the complete file should join the group and then others can download the file, If no seeder with complete file available then we can not download that file.


Trackerless Torrents–

      In recent times, Trackerless torrents came into existence, In these there will be no central servers to track the group, Here clients will communicate with each other directly without a tracker. This is possible by using a distributed hash table(DHT). Each client will be considers a a DHT node, When you click a torrent using magnet link DHT will directly connect to the near by nodes and from there to other nodes until they get the node with file

How can we use torrent legally–

 Torrent isn’t only for downloading pirates everyone can use torrents, For instance when we want to transfer a large files among a group you should buy a large bandwidth. So, instead use torrents to distribute the files and its a free of cost.



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