Road Rash game is coming back as a Road Redemption

People who was born in 1970 would have known and played the Road rash game atleast once. It was again going to come back .

Road rash is a  motor cycle video game series  by Electronic arts .Six different games was released from 1991 to 2000 ( Road rash(1991),Road rash II(1992),Road rash 3(1995),Road rash 3D(1998),Road rash 64(1999),Road rash:Jailbreak(2000)).However, the developers behind the new version of Road Rash say that but the basic ethos of riding motorcycles against some weapon wielding competition including the swearing has been kept as it is. The new game will be called Road Redemption.

What makes Road Redemption more special.Though Road Redemption is a follower of classic Road Rash which was an arcade game, the new game also has a storyline to keep the millennials hooked up. The game also has modern bikes, unlike the old Road Rash which had blobs for motorbikes and pixelated players.

Watch trailer here–




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